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Testimonies of Students


Renata de Grande Matias, Engineer, Brazilian

I was in close contact with internatiooal anegement because I was able to work directly with a Japanese manager, expatriate from Nissan. Being Brazilian, this was particularly interesting to see the difference between French and Japanese managers.


Noriko Sato, 35, L’Oreal, Japanese

French management gives priority to validation of procedures and not only the results. This French program enabled me to understand this. The richness of this MBA is thanks to shared work on study cases, corporate strategy and culture.


Yong-Ho Shin, 26, South Korea

The MBA program is very balanced between the academic and professional parts. French pedagogy is very open and allows for criticism. The program offers us the multifaceted and multicultural aspects of management.


Zoya Vdovichenko, 24, Russian

Working with people of such diverse nationalities is a source of wealth. A program in two of the best French universities brought me a great deal, we had a lot of freedom of expression and the work required was very interactive. Today, I have many assets for I know how to work with foreigners, not because I read about it but because I lived it.


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Director of the MBA
Denis Darpy,
Université Paris-Dauphine

Co-Director du MBA
Pierre-Yves Lagroue,
Senior Lecturer,
IAE Paris

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Stéphanie Dolley
Université Paris-Dauphine,
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