You are a young professional

  • with a minimum of 3 years’ experience (excluding placements)
  • with a diploma of at least 4 years’ higher education
  • under 35 years old
  • with a sufficient level of understanding and expression in French (minimum TFI score of 550) and in English (minimum TOEIC score of 750)
  • who has passed the TAGE-MAJE or the GMAT
  • from : Algeria, Brazil, China, South Korea, France, India, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Turkey

then you are eligible to a grant of Renault Foundation !

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Partnerships and Accreditation

The Université Paris-Dauphine is accredited

Course in partnership with the Renault Foundation...

... and IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School

IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, partner of Paris-Dauphine University & Fondation Renault for the MBA Management International

List of courses


Economic Context

  1. The Global Framework of Economics (18h)
  2. Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law (18h)



  1. Accounting and financial Analysis (36h)
  2. Management Control (24h)
  3. Finance 1 (24h)
  4. Finance 2 (24h)


Marketing and Strategy

  1. Marketing 1 (24h)
  2. Marketing 2 (24h)


Production Systems

  1. Information Systems and Knowledge Management (36h)
  2. Management of Production Processes (36h)


Management and Organizations

  1. Organization and International Strategy (36h)
  2. Organisational Behavior (24h)
  3. Transversal Management (24h)
  4. Human Resources (36h)
  5. Innovation management (12h)


Personal Development

  1. Mentoring support for career projects (sessions in groups and individual interviews)


Meet us on booth 5 of the MBA Fair Le Monde, on Saturday March 17th, 2018 from 11am to 5pm. Information and registration.

Dauphine Executive Education at the 8th MBA Fair Le Monde, on Saturday March 17th, 2018

Next session: September 2018

Information meeting
Monday March 12th, 2017, at 7pm
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The International Management MBA is ranked 8th Full Time MBA in SMBG 2015 ranking


Director of the MBA
Denis Darpy, Professor, Université Paris-Dauphine

Co-Director of the MBA
Pierre-Yves Lagroue, Senior Lecturer, IAE Paris

Course Assistants
Stephanie Dolley, Université Paris-Dauphine,
Tel : 01 44 05 47 72
Mail : 

Karin Ripoche, IAE de Paris,
Tel : 01 44 08 73 70
Mail :