You are a young professional

  • with a minimum of 3 years’ experience (excluding placements)
  • with a diploma of at least 4 years’ higher education
  • under 35 years old
  • with a sufficient level of understanding and expression in French (minimum TFI score of 550) and in English (minimum TOEIC score of 750)
  • who has passed the TAGE-MAJE or the GMAT
  • from : Algeria, Brazil, China, South Korea, France, India, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Turkey

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International Project


The international project gathers the students in groups of 4 in the 2 countries targeted by the Renault Group. They are accepted in the local branches of the Renault Group. The local management submits a management issue to them which they must then analyse under the guidance of their teachers. Thus they must conduct an international analysis and propose paths of development following an initial diagnosis.



You become an external consultant for the Renault Group for two weeks on-site. In January, 2014, a group of students went to Russia to the Renault site near Moscow. They were mandated to solve an HR issue concerning the site. A second group went to Morocco to the Renault sites in Casablanca and Tangiers.


Verbatim from Euphrem Charles Dovonou

Our methodology entails a series of research interviews with several buyers, managers, directors and subcontractors. We also organize focus groups with the trainees and contact the former employees of the company. This with a view to analyze the phenomenon better and to identify the levers for solutions.
As far as I am concerned, this very intense mission enriched me profoundly, as much from a professional point of view than from a personal one. The development of my analytical skills, relational skills in an international context, speaking English and team managerial lessons are so many elements which have made this mission the most enriching for me.


Verbatim from Félipe Gustavo Sanches

Another way of enriching the professional mission was to understand the work of external consultants. During my career, I was able to participate in the process of internal assessment, and the possibility of being an external consultant made me appreciate critical analysis, human relations with the employees and assessment factors which are the keys to performance.
Besides, I had a new vision of Russia. As usual, we base the culture of a country on stereotypes and prejudices. My idea of this country was simply the cold. I learnt that, though far apart, Brazil and Russia have a lot more in common than I had believed. High population density, commercial life of 24 hours, good means of transport, all the similarities which reinforce competitivity between these two emerging countries.


Verbatim from Lahoucine Ataro

We were in Morocco to bring solutions to the Renault Morocco subsidiary concerning a number of functional, HR and managerial issues.
In fact the groups are defined during the stay; each triplet should focus on one of the issues accompanied by an internal tutor at Renault and our strategy professor.
The cross functional teams are a notion which was used by Carlos Ghosn since his first year at Nissan, and, after becoming President of Renault, he imposed this system to improve various issues which require close collaboration between the different professional teams.
From then on, we positioned ourselves as external consultants in charge of diagnosing the situation of these teams, taking into account all the stakeholders, pilots and sponsors, as well as the regulating agent.
Through exchanges and interviews undertaken with the different teams and pilots, together with a thorough analysis of this mechanism with an inter-team benchmark, we have drawn up a list of improvements we need to make concerning time management, standardization and knowledge. Thus we propose the following solutions :

  • Flexibility in communication tailoring
  • Training in time management
  • Elaboration of coaching cross functional teams
  • Reinforcement of the importance of recognition of the teammates
  • Use of an assessment system for performances
  • Use of standards of project management
  • Implication of functional managers in the overall approach and the use of a Responsibility Matrix.


Verbatim from Emilie Laurencelle-Bonsant

My mission within the Renault Morocco group was to work on the perception of the quality of the products, services and employer with the different stakeholders of the group in the country.
My team and I thus carried out more than 26 interviews of internal and external stakeholders in Tangier and Casablanca. These meetings enabled us to identify the divergences and convergences of perceptions. Based primarily on the divergences, we made a number of recommendations to the Human Resources Department of Renault Morocco during the last day of our mission.



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